Shop Girl Spotlight: allison!

Name: Allison Murphy
Hometown: Ramsey, NJ
​College : SCAD (shop owner sarah’s alma mater!)
What’s your major?: Fashion Marketing
In four words, describe your personal sense of style: comfy, relaxed, layers, girl next door
How long have you been coming to LBI?: 20 years
Current favorite items in the shop?: candles, dresses
What’s your favorite thing about summer on the island?: it’s Home.
Go-to local spots for a great meal?: California Grill, Surf Taco, Chegg, Beach House, Bay Village Pizza
Describe your ideal day on the island: Waking up going surfing at sunrise, eating a breakfast picnic on the beach, biking to beach haven for some casual shopping, lunch out with friends, swimming until sunset, grill out with family, going out for ice cream, camp out on roof top deck under the stars with Jack Johnson radio.
How would you describe A Lovely Universe to someone who hasn’t stopped in yet?: it’s a beach boutique where girls in their 20s can feel stylish, confident and upcoming, and more mature women can feel on trend and on the brink of adulthood again. It’s positive, uplifting, youthful and bright. Whimsical and bohemian chic!

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