shop sounds: bruce


Our assortment of music playing in the shop is constantly changing depending on who is working but every now and then we’ll feature a favorite on here. It’s sort of an old school retail principle about how sound, sight, and scent is so important to a customer experience and it still rings true. It sets a scene whether you’re shopping, dining at a favorite restaurant or as the background for an intimate get together at your home.

Is it super cliche that our first one is Bruce Springsteen? I mean, we are in Jersey.

I was born and raised in Monmouth County and currently still live there.  Bruce was born, raised his own family and still lives at least part of the time there too. Locally there is an aura to his overall persona that is a mix between God-like, unofficial mayor/governor and just regular resident who deserves privacy. Seeing him perform is this hard to achieve magical life changing experience. He’s an icon to the entire country. But seeing him walk down the street with a baseball hat on getting ice cream with his kids, knowing where his house was or touring the halls of my high school with his son was normal to see too. Everyone and their dog has a Bruce story in New Jersey. But it’s because I think everyone wants to have something, even in the slightest, in common with this eternally cool, uniquely talented, larger than life but still somehow relatable human.

(ps: that high school tour wasn’t that normal tbh – it was like the president was in town and no one was allowed to leave their classrooms except to peek through the glass doors to get a glimpse)


As a huge music fan since forever and just a full blooded American citizen, the sounds of the E Street Band floated in the background to my entire life but I never felt particularly drawn to his music until I finally came around and smartened up. This may have something to do with my die-hard Bruce fan husband? Or just growing up and getting a clue.

My favorite album of his is the classic Darkness on the Edge of Town and judging by the amount of singing along, bopping and cheeriness that occurs in the shop when it’s being played in it’s entirety, I have a feeling it’s a lot of others’ favorite as well.

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