Shop Girl Spotlight – julia!

shop girl

if you’ve been in the shop lately, you’ve probably noticed a variety of different faces making sure that everyone finds a little something lovely to brighten up their day. wouldn’t you love to know more about who they are and what they love on the island? throughout july on the blog & on social media, we will be featuring more about our fantastic, hardworking, stylish and kind shop girls!

Name: Julia Paone
Hometown: Greenville, New York.
​College: Hofstra University, Go Pride!:)
What’s your major?: Health Sciences with a minor in Community Health
In four words, describe your personal sense of style: Simple, boho yet edgy.
How long have you been coming to LBI?: I have been coming to LBI since before I can even remember! My family decided that LBI would be our vacation spot before I was even born.
Current favorite items in the shop?: I have been loving the white blouse with pom pom trim, the grey ruffle sleeve cardigan, the navy blue tye dye dress and the all emotions club t-shirt.
What’s your favorite thing about summer on the island?: Sunsets by the bay.
Go-to local spots for a great meal?: The Local, Sandbox Cafe and The Old Causeway.
Describe your ideal day on the island: My ideal day on the island would begin with an early start on the beach with my friends and family. I would spend the day soaking up the sun while reading a good book. After the beach, I would get cleaned up and hit up one of my favorite local restaurants for dinner. To end my night, I would get an ice cream at my favorite ice cream place on the island, Skipper Dipper and try and find a local band performing nearby.
How would you describe A Lovely Universe to someone who hasn’t stopped in yet?: I would describe A Lovely Universe as a trendy boutique with genius price points that never fails to radiate positive energy.

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