shop girl spotlight – andie!

shop-girl.pngif you’ve been in the shop lately, you’ve probably noticed a variety of different faces making sure that everyone finds a little something lovely to brighten up their day. wouldn’t you love to know more about who they are and what they love on the island? throughout july on the blog & on social media, we will be featuring more about our fantastic, hardworking, stylish and kind shop girls!

Name: Andie Ajello

Hometown: Princeton, NJ

Where do you go to school? University of Miami

What’s your major?: communications

In four words, describe your personal sense of style: beachy, neutral colors, casual, and flowy

How long have you been coming to LBI?: since I was 3 years old!

Current favorite items in the shop?: jewelry!! More specifically the earrings

What’s your favorite thing about summer on the island?: meeting new people and going to the beach

Go-to local spots for a great meal?: Barry’s Do Me a Flavor and Pearl Street Market

Describe your ideal day on the island: wake up, go to the beach all day, hang out with family and friends!

How would you describe A Lovely Universe to someone who hasn’t stopped in yet?: ALU has the cutest outfits that you can dress up or down. There is also the perfect jewelry and accessories to pair your outfits with.

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