My Go-To Summer Podcasts

Over the past few years, podcasts have becoming a major part of people’s lives – especially for commuters. It took me a bit of time to jump on the bandwagon but as I grow older, the more I truly love the whole concept of “talk radio” and podcasts totally take it to another level.

During the summer months, I’m in the car a lot going back and forth to the shop and having my car stocked with episodes of my favorite podcasts is the best way to pass time and also learn a lot and LOL. Here are my favorites lately:


  1. Bitch Sesh – If one of your favorite guilty pleasures is all things Bravo, this is the podcast for you. Hosts Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider are the best and their banter back and forth and in-depth critiques of almost every Bravo show is so hilarious. I feel as if they’re my actual friends? Is that sad? I don’t know if I care! A few of my girlfriends and I took our love for this podcast to the next level and saw one of their live shows this summer in Philadelphia. Highly recommend this.
  2. Glowing Up – This podcast combines three of my fav things; loling, beauty products/wellness trends and pop culture. Esther and Caroline are hilarious and insightful. Again, it has a “I want to be friends with these two NOW” vibe. They discuss everything from French beauty brands to silly food trends to their relationships to making fun of celebrities – basically everything I need.
  3. Pardon my French with Garance Dore – Hosted by one of my favorite lady crushes, the talented and chic Garance Dore and her team of creative ladies that work with her. They interview a variety of different interesting people and discuss so many topics under the sun that are relevant and refreshing to the modern woman.
  4. GirlBoss Radio – The original founder of Nasty Gal and the writer of best seller GirlBoss, Sophia Amoruso hosts this brilliant non-pretentious podcast that focuses on interviewing strong, accomplished women with an interesting point of view. This is one of my favorite inspiring podcasts to listen to in the business realm. It’s more laid back, honest and not as stuffy as other biz podcasts.
  5. Pod Save America – Definitely a more serious podcast but totally necessary in this crazy time we’re living in. Each week they delve into what’s been happening in the world, especially in the world of the current presidency and what’s taking place in the white house. Sometimes when I turn on the news (ok not sometimes..always), it’s hard to keep up with everything happening each day. It often feels like a Bravo show itself! But this is a great resource to truly break it down in an intelligent, focused and realistic way.
  6. Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations – For those who miss the days of coming home from school and turning on the Oprah show at 4pm, this is a small dose to hold you over. Oprah takes you on a journey with her guests and asks them all the good questions you’d expect her to ask and as usual, she really gets you thinking and feeling all the feels.

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