The Sunday Home Co.

It’s not secret that people love candles. They have consistently sold well in the store since I first opened the doors back in 2013 because it’s basically a total feel-good buy.  As a self proclaimed fragrance freak, I knew I always wanted to somehow dip my toe into the pond of creating my own line of candles for the store.

Since the category sold well and I enjoyed buying them for the store but also for myself constantly, why not try it out firsthand and cut out the middle person? So, last fall after the shop closed for the season, I got to work with my partner (who happens to be my Mom!) and the Sunday Home Co. was born. The entire concept of the project is basically a love letter to Sundays at home. Maybe it’s the fact that I work an offbeat schedule and Mondays used to be my only real day off for 2 years straight and Sundays don’t represent the dreaded “aaahh back to work tomorrow” feeling. But truth be told, it’s always been my favorite day. There’s a sense of renewal, slowness and coziness.

It’s the day of the week where you can be a little lazy or really indulge your homebody tendencies without any guilt. It’s the best day to set intentions for the new week, have a leisurely brunch or long drive around town, go to a farmer’s market, cook a thoughtful meal, watch bad TV, read a book, clean the house, change your sheets…you get the gist.

Since we launched the three original fragrances last year – Beach House, Classic Home and Good Morning, we’ve introduced two new scents this summer ( In the Garden and Dinner Party) as well as two upcoming fragrance sprays. The perk of having the shop is that I can put the collection out and see people’s responses to it almost immediately. Three other retailers in NJ carry the line as well which is super exciting and keeps us busy all year long.

I love my home and creating a really calm, beautiful and cozy place to retreat to is super important to me so I wanted the collection to reflect that. With the expansion of the store (more on that soon), we will also be concentrating on expanding the Sunday Home Co. in the store so keep an eye, and nose, out!

Shop the collection here and here.

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